Calling a company or employer family-friendly is fashionable these days, but it's often an empty balloon. If I could say one thing to anyone about Spiller 2000 Ltd, it would certainly be this: they have still managed to retain the true essence of family. But they are on a "difficult course", as a growing manufacturing company with several shifts, they have to protect and represent this value. They care about their employees: their health, their satisfaction, their development. They are constantly striving to be better than themselves in this, and I admire them for that.

Aliz Horváth, organisational developer/coach Emberfejlesztés Kft.


For almost 20 years, they have been one of our largest and most reliable metalworking suppliers, supplying parts with high precision and high machining requirements in a very short time and at competitive prices, reacting quickly to changes in customer needs, and responding constructively to any problems/extra requirements that may arise. Continuous development/improvement is a hallmark of the company, with its ever-expanding fleet of machinery covering a wide range of products and its innovative approach to developing technology that results in continuous cost reductions for the products it manufactures. If you are looking for a reliable and long-term partner, Spiller 2000 Ltd. is the right choice.

Brooks Instrument Ltd.


I would recommend our company to anyone with a good heart, because we are straightforward with our partners, we try to solve the needs and problems that arise together in a way that is suitable for everyone. We are usually able to respond to any customer request, question or inquiry within the same day, which is due to the fast and efficient communication within the company.

Péter Rajkó, Production Manager


Spiller 2000 Ltd. not only says about itself, it also proves how much the expertise of several generations in a single field, in this case, machining, matters.

Zoltán Steiner, Quality Assurance Manager


Spiller 2000 Ltd. is an environmentally conscious family business with a focus on innovation, employee and customer satisfaction, and I would recommend it to both employees and prospective customers. 

Ramóna Simon Peténé, Financial Administrator




8900 Zalaegerszeg,
Hock János Street 94/A
+36 92 510166
+36 30 5000 503
Tóth András managing director
+36 30 2269 003
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