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Spiller 2000 Ltd - Generations of expertise in machining


We have been manufacturing machined parts for over 30 years. Our company is constantly changing and evolving with new technologies. We have passed on our knowledge and experience to generations while keeping pace with the latest demands, and our enthusiasm remains unbroken. We currently manufacture more than 500 different parts, mostly in stainless steel, but we are not afraid to work with special materials such as Hasteloy, Inconel, copper or aluminium alloys.


We place particular emphasis on providing our staff with a wide range of skills and experience. We see each individual project as a promising professional challenge from which we can learn and grow.


Our machinery is constantly being upgraded and renewed, as having a diverse range of machines guarantees that we can meet the latest technological requirements. Take a look at our current machinepark!

We are proud to have partners and customers who have placed their trust in us for the long term. We have been working with our primary partners for more than 15 years.


Our aim is to use our professional knowledge and experience to become a reliable and indispensable partner for our customers, helping each other towards a stable and successful future.





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Tóth András managing director
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